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Calendar of Horrors Jarndyce no. 183 2009-04
California Howell no. 50 1979-04
California Printing Dawson's no. 525 1994-04
Canada and the Arctic Helen Kahn no. 77 2009-04
Canadiana Helen Kahn no. 87 2014-01
Captain Cook: the Parks Collection Hordern House no. 117 2008-04
Captain James Cook Hordern House 1993-03
Carter, Muir, Sadleir Oak Knoll Books no. 226 2001-01
Cartes-de-visite Up-Country Letters no. 22 2014-02
Cartography William Reese 2016-03
Catalogue of Almanacks Marlborough Rare Books no. 168 1997-02
Catalogues of ...Libraries and Booksellers Marlborough Rare Books 1981-03
Catalogues of Prams, Bikes, Pasta, Goggles Richard Neylon no. 79 2003-03
Catalogus Catalogorum Jonathan Hill no. 38 1988-01
Censorship Quaritch no. 1386 2009-04
Cento Cinquecentine Veneziane Philobiblon 2002-02
Central Asia and India Quaritch no. 1178 1994-02
Century of Change, 1815-1914 Guernsey Books 1972-03
Cervantes and Borges Richard von Hünersdorff no. 11 1986-04
Channel Tunnel, 'Great Eastern' Elton Engineering no. 9 1994-04
Chapbooks, Tracts and Street Lit. Jarndyce CXXX 1999-03
Charles Babbage Quaritch no. 1041 1984-04
Charles Boxer Maggs no. 1311 2002-01
Charles Darwin Heritage Books no. 155 1986-03
Charles Darwin Quaritch and W.P. Watson 2003-03
Charles Dickens Jarndyce 2016-03
Charles Dickens Jarndyce 2016-03
Charles Dickens Jarndyce no. 145 2002-02
Charles Dickens: a word in Earnest Sotherans and Windle 2018-01
Charles Roberson & Co, Art Materials Marlborough Rare Books no. 147 1992-04
Chatsworth George's no. 666 1983-02
Chiaroscuro Christopher Mendez 1972-02
Children's Books Justin Schiller 1982-01
Children's Books Justin Schiller no. 29 1974-02
Children's Books Margaret Jameson no. 1 1992-01
Children's Books 1742 - 1836 Stuart Bennett no. 55 2011-02
Children's Books from C.F. Van Veen Forum no. 100 1994-04
Children's Books Worldwide Michèle Noret no. 12 2016-01
Children's Books Worldwide Michèle Noret no. 9 2012-03
Children's World of Learning Forum 100 Pt 11 (and last) 2002-02

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