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Association Copies Christopher Edwards no. 20 2001-02
Association Copies Maggs no. 937 1972-01
Astrobiology Jeff Weber no. 84 2001-03
Astronomy Jonathan Hill no. 95 1996-02
Astronomy & Optics Quaritch no. 1317 2004-02
Astronomy and Mathematics Quaritch no. 1206 1995-02
Astronomy, Ballistics...Space Travel Joseph Rubinstein no. 5 1971-01
Atlases Dawson's of Pall Mall no. 263 1976-02
Aubrey Beardsley Clare Warrck and Geoffrey Perkins 1974-04
Australasia Serendipity Books 1976-03
Australasian Perth Antiquarian no. 77 1981-04
Australasian Poetry James Dally no. 67 1971-01
Australasiana, incl. Convict Transport James Dally 1971-04
Australia Hordern House 2017-01
Australia Hordern House 2017-03
Australia & the Pacific Richard Neylon no. 72 1994-04
Australia and the Pacific Quaritch 1108 1989-04
Australia and its Neighbours Serendipity Books 1976-02
Australia Described Douglas Stewart 2011-01
Australia in the Eighteenth Century Hordern House 2011-01
Australian Artists Douglas Stewart 2009-03
Australian Colonial Fiction Hordern House 1995-02
Australian Poets to 1920 Hordern House 1994-01
Australian Private Presses Kay Craddock 2017-03
Australian Town-planning Neylon no. 66 2000-03
Authors' First Books, A - L William Reese no. 42 1986-04
Autographs Breslauer 1966-04
Autographs and Rare Books David Holmes no. 94 2016-02
Autographs, including Karl Marx Stargardt 1966-02
Autographs...1235-1950 Hofmann & Freeman 1971-03
Avant Garde Antiquariaat Schuhmacher 1998-01
Balladry and Folklore Alan Rankin no. 31 1992-01
Ballads and Slip-songs Blackwell's B110 1994-03
Ballet, 1582-1984 Ximenes no. 90 1991-02
Balneology Jonathan Hill no. 195 2011-02
Balzac Christian Galantaris 1974-04
Banking and Finance Quaritch 1998-04
Barbara Jones: the Bloomfield Collection Ash Rare Books no. 75 2005-02
Barbara Reynolds & Dante Bennett & Kerr 2016-03
Barry Humphries: Sir John Plumb Heywood Hill 2003-01

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