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Beckett Transition no. 3 1982-02
Belgian Book Design 1889 to 1900 Warrack and Perkins 1981-02
Bible Illustrations The Book Block no. 10 1985-01
Bibles Tenschert no. 48 2004-03
Bibles and Hebrew Alan Thomas no. 25 1971-01
Bibles for the East Quaritch 2010-02
Bibliographes 1494-1892 Jammes 1966-02
Bibliographical Reference Books Oak Knoll Books no. 200 1998-04
Bibliography Heffer's no. 28 1972-04
Bibliography Maggs 1057 1985-04
Bibliography Maggs no. 1087 1988-03
Bibliography & Typography Elkin Matthews no. 176 1967-04
Bibliography & Typography Marlborough Rare Books 1967-04
Bibliography and Sale Catalogues Keith Hogg no. 109 1977-01
Bills, Labels, Trade Cards, 18th-Century Ken Spelman no. XXIII 1992-02
Bindings Martin Breslauer no. 104/II 1981-04
Biographies R.F.G. Hollett no. 83 1996-02
Birds Birdways no. 1 2007-01
Bishop Berkeley's Tercentenary E.M. Lawson no. 224 1985-04
Blake, Quentin 2018-04
Blake: Pre-Raphaelites Woodspurge Books 1980-01
Bligh and the Mutiny Hordern House 2009-03
Bloods & Penny Dreadfuls Jarndyce 2016-04
Bloods and Penny Dreadfuls Jarndyce no. 151 2003-01
Bloods, Penny Dreadfuls Jarndyce 100 1995-01
Bloomsbury Paul Evans no. 1 2003-01
Bloomsbury: The Eileen and Lester Traub Collection Peter Grogan 2017-02
Book of Hours Tenschert 1999-02
Bookbinding Knuf 2016-03
Bookbinding Knuf 2016-03
Bookbinding and Paper Manufacture Schulz-Falster and Banzhaf 2016-04
Bookbinding in Great Britain Maggs no. 966 1976-01
Bookbinding, Printing, Bookselling & Library History Forest Books 115 2017-04
Bookplates Howell no. 44 1973-01
Bookplates Johan Souverein 1996-01
Books & Pamphlets 1633-1815 Jarndyce no. 184 2010-01
Books & Pamphlets 1641-1825 Jarndyce 227 2018-01
Books & Readers in Early Modern Britain, Part VI Maggs 1495 2017-04
Books and Manuscripts on Food and Drink (Christopher Hogwood's) Quaritch 2017-01
Books and Pamphlets 1576-1827 Jarndyce 2017-02

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