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Cold: Exploration in High Latitudes William Reese no. 220 2003-02
Collations and Potations Peggy Christian no. 12 1980-03
Collecting Miniatures Jörn Günther no. 8 2006-02
Collecting, Private and Public Quaritch 2009-04
Collection of C.S. Myers Hearts and Minds Books 1982-01
Colonel James Skinner Quaritch 2015-02
Colonial Americana William Reese no. 260 2008-03
Comets, Count Peter Sohm Mats Rehnström no. 16 1997-03
Commerce & Design Marlborough Rare Books 2006-03
Communication in 16th-Century Europe Gilhofer & Ranschburg 2015-01
Condorcet Pamphlets Quaritch Short List 29 1995-01
Conduct & Education Jarndyce no. 215 2016-01
Conmen in Literature Garrett Scott no. 37 2012-02
Conrad David Holmes no. 70 1998-01
Continental History 16th-18th centuries Ludwig Rosenthal 1969-02
Cook's Pacific Legacy Hordern House 2007-04
Counterculture Maggs no. 1455 2012-02
Craftsmen, Visionaries, Teachers Paul Breman no. 15 1971-03
Cranach Press, Bremer Press Tenschert no. 32 1994-04
Crime Blackwell's 2017-04
Criminal News Pamphlets Pickering and Chatto no. 33 1984-02
Croyances, Rites, Dévotions, Controverses Librairie Paul Jammes 2017-02
Cryptogamic Botany Maggs no. 1177 1994-03
Cryptography Quaritch no. 1300 2002-04
Curtis's Botanical Magazine 1787-1983 Wheldon & Wesley no. 212 1996-02
D.H. Lawrence Simon Finch no. 51 2002-03
D.W. Sanford's Miniature-books Oak Knoll Books no. 304 2014-02
Dante Bennett & Kerr 2016-03
David & Judy Gascoyne's Library James Fergusson 2011-03
David Laing, James Maidment Alan Rankin no. 45 1996-01
Dawn of Western Civilisation Forum no.106 2000-02
De Sade Benoît Forgeot 2005-02
De Sade Benoît Forgeot no. 6 1999-01
Death Quaritch 2016-04
Debut Books from All Walks of Life Richard Neylon 2001-03
Dedication Copies Bertram Rota no. 286a 1998-04
Design and Innovation Quaritch no. 1301 2003-01
Désiré Gernez Hugues de Latude no. 17 2003-02
Detective Fiction A.J. Cumming 1980-01
Detective Fiction Charles Rare Books (1955) 1973-02

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