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Books by, for or about Women in Britain Stuart Bennett no. 46 2007-02
Books from Jonathan Cape, Publishers Charlotte Robinson no. 35 1991-03
Books from Michael Papantanio Ximenes no. 84 1989-03
Books from one of the Fugger Libraries Maggs 1141 1992-03
Books from Siegfried Sassoon El Dieff 1976-03
Books from the Rev. Sydney Smith Christopher Edwards 2009-01
Books in 32 Oriental & Other Languages Breslauer List XLV, Pt ii 1985-02
Books Lost at Penang Airport Simon Finch no. 29 1996-01
Books of Enoch Powell Heywood Hill 2000-02
Books of Frédéric Lachèvre Jammes no. 259 1990-02
Books of the [Eighteen] Nineties John Hart no. 71 2005-04
Books on Vellum pre-1530 Kraus no. 156 1981-01
Books Printed in England 1540-1640 Maggs no. 1439 2010-03
Books Published in 1946 Ash Rare Books 1997-01
Books We Can Find Since We Moved Richard Neylon no. 74 2002-04
Books Written to Improve Mankind Lucien Goldschmidt no. 52 1981-03
Books, Prints, Posters 1883-1910 L'Art Ancien, Zurich 1973-04
Books: damnanda and damnata Jammes 1968-02
Botánica Porrua 2011-01
Botany Julius Steiner no. 1 1990-01
Botany and Botanical Travellers William Reese no. 121 1993-03
Breugel L'Art Ancien, Zurich 1969-04
Bridge Building Gaskell no. 24 1998-04
Britain in the 19th-Century Chris Kohler 1974-01
British Gardening Books Shapero 2005-04
British Illustrators 1860-1920 Potter Books 1978-01
British Topography E.M. Lawson no. 181 1972-04
British Travelers in America Howard S. Mott no. 229 1995-04
Broadsides Peter Murray Hill no. 150 1980-03
Brownian Movement to Quarks Quaritch no. 1232 1997-01
Bruce Rogers The Veatchs no. 47 2002-02
Bruce Rogers Tony Appleton no. 19 1975-03
Bulwer-Lytton Jarndyce and Kohler 1977-03
Burns and Scotland Jarndyce no. 97 1994-03
Buxton Forman Quaritch no. 926 1973-02
By and about Women Stuart Bennett no. 14 1988-02
Byron Chris Kohler 1980-03
Byron & The Romantics Derek Wise no. 8 2002-02
Byzantium Bernard Rosenthal no. 27 1981-04
C.P. Cafavy Alan Thomas no. 49 1987-02

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