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A. Edward Newton Oak Knoll Books no. 228 2001-02
A. Edward Newton Oak Knoll Books no. 86 1987-01
A.L. Rowse Heywood Hill 1999-01
A.S.W. Rosenbach Oak Knoll Books no. 59 1984-04
Abolition of the Slave Trade Maggs no. 1431 2009-03
Abraham Pais Jeff Weber 100 2003-01
Acosta to Zimmermann William Reese no. 100 1995-03
Aepinus to Zwingli Quaritch no. 1211 1995-03
African-American Literature Quaritch no. 1333 2005-02
African-American Literature Thomas Goldwasser 1993-01
Africana and Americana E.M. Lawson 1966-03
Agitprop, Urban Terror, Magic, Comix... Maggs Bros 2010-02
Agriculture Frank Hammond no. 207 1977-02
Agriculture & Country Life Maggs no. 1395 2006-04
Agriculture: G.E. Fussell Thomas Thorp 1984-04
Akhmatova: Babel: Borges... Wordsworth James Jaffe/ Lame Duck 2003-03
Al Rodway's Biblio-novels and 'Tec Fiction Oak Knoll Books no. 83 1986-04
Alan Clodd's Library Maggs no. 1352 2004-02
Alberti to Zodiac Hugh Pagan no. 63 2011-01
Alchemy, Magic and Mysticism Globe Bookstore 1978-01
Aldine Press Laurence Witten no. 14 1981-04
Alexander Pope Ximenes no. 110 2012-02
Alfred Schmid: Herbals, Homeopathy Jonathan Hill no. 15 1984-01
Alida Roochvarg Collection` Oak Knoll Books 1979-01
Allen Family of Salem Ten Pound Island no. 159 2006-01
Almanacs Laurent Coulet no. 51 2012-03
Alphabet Books, The Book Beautiful, Cambridge, Dodgson Quaritch 2017-01
Ambroise Paré [d. 1590] Thomas-Scheler 1991-01
America before Columbus William Reese no. 133 1994-04
America y las Islas del Pacifico Jose Porrua Turanzas 1996-01
America: the French Colonial Expansion Gerits no. 79 1997-04
American Broadsides and Broadsheets William Reese no. 248 2006-03
American Cartography William Reese no. 234 2004-04
American Children's Books Justin Schiller 1983-01
American Civil War Goodspeed no. 599 1986-03
American Civil War William Reese no. 194 2000-04
American Detective & Mystery Fiction Mystery Manor Books 1978-02
American Fine Printing Thomas Taylor no. 20 1977-03
American Mathematical Textbooks to 1850 Robin Halwas List XV 1997-03
American Natural History William Reese no. 239 2005-02

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