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Alexandrie la Divine 2014-02
Alfred A. and Blanche W. Knopf, Publishers 1955-03
Alice in Wonderland 2011-04
Alice: 150 Years in Wonderland 2015-03
All Good Friends: Friends of Cambridge University Library 2005-01
Altered States: Sex, Drugs and Transcendence... (Houghton Library 2017-03
Amazing Rare Things 2007-04
Ambition and Distraction: Silas Mainville Burroughs, 1846-95 2004-01
America's Favourite Fighting Frenchman: the Marquis de Lafayette 2017-01
American Imprints, 1640-1742 1990-02
American Songbook: Popular Songs from Tin Pan Alley onwards... 2006-03
American Type Founding and Printed Book, 1725-1900 1974-04
American Women Writers, 1650-1920 1998-02
An Elixir of Letters 2017-04
An Inspiration: Fifty Works from Yale's Beinecke Rare Books 2014-01
Andrew Marvell 1979-01
Anglo-Saxon Vernacular Manuscripts in America 1977-01
Animal Farm, 1984 1984-04
Antiquaries in Britain 1717-2007 2007-04
Aquinas to Atwood: Gifts...to the University of Toronto Library 2004-02
Arab Culture and Ottoman Magnificence in Antwerp 2002-01
Architecture and Gardening 1974-02
Armenia 2016-01
Armenian Illuminated Gospel-Books 1988-02
Ars Medica: Medical Illustration Through the Ages 2006-02
Art and Its Images 1976-01
Art and Ownership 2014-04
Art Nouveau Bookbinding in Belgium, 1893-1900 2010-04
Artists at Curwen 1977-02
Artists of the Tudor Court: The Portrait Miniature 1520-1620 1983-04
Audubon and Beyond: Five Centuries of Natural History 2016-02
Austerity and Invention: Illustration between the Wars 2012-04
Author, Author! 2006-01
Babar, Harry Potter et Compagnie 2009-02
Baltimore Binding Exhibition 1958-04
Bank of Scotland and Scottish Banking 1695-1995 1995-03
Bardo Matrix: a Kathmandu Beat Poetry Press 2014-02
Bavarian State Library 1971-03
Beardsley and the Book Illustrators 2010-04
Beatrix Potter 1988-02

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