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Beatrix Potter: the Picture Letters 2013-01
Beautiful Birds 2000-01
Bedlam: the Asylum and Beyond 2016-04
Berthold Wolpe 1983-01
Betjeman, Sir John 2006-03
Betjeman, Sir John 2007-01
Between Writing & Type: the Stencil Letter 2012-03
Bewick Sesquicentenary 1978-04
Beyond Macbeth: Shakespeare in Scottish Collections 2012-01
Beyond Oscar Wilde: Portraits of Late Victorian Writers 2002-03
Bibles at Lambeth Palace 1961-03
Bibles Before the Year 1000 2007-02
Bibliophilia Scholastica Floreat: Fifty Years of Rare Books 2006-02
Bibliotheca Wittockiana: Decorated Bookbindings 1966-04
Birds in Books 1974-02
Blake Exhibition in America 1957-04
Blake: William Blake and his Contemporaries 2008-01
Blood on Paper 2008-03
Bloomsbury Below Stairs: Grace Higgens at Charleston 2008-02
Blu, Rosso et Oro 1998-04
Bob Dylan's American Journey, 1956-1966 2006-04
Boccaccio 2014-01
Book Design in Prague, 1960-90 1993-01
Book Illumination from Charlemagne to Charles the Bold 2002-04
Book of Common Prayer 1999-03
Bookbinding before 1600 1979-04
Books from the Age of Bede 1979-04
Books in Leuven, the Oldest University in the Low Country 1999-02
Books of Islam 1995-01
Books on Clocks and Time 2008-01
Boston Collects: the Bicentennial of the Boston Athenaeum 2007-04
Boswell + Johnson: The Highland Adventure 1974-01
Boswell: the Bicentenary of the Life of Johnson 1991-04
Botanica in Originali 1993-03
Braille 2015-04
British Drawings and Watercolours, 1600-1900 1998-01
British Printing: The Classical Period, 1790-1830 1994-01
Broxbourne Bookbindings 2009-04
Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books 2008-01
By Dawn's Early Light: Jews and the Formation of the American Nation 2016-03

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